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Fostering Strong, Happy
& Healthy Little Bones.

Our mission is to nurture strong, happy, and healthy little bones. We understand that children's orthopaedic needs are unique, and our team of dedicated specialists is here to provide expert care and support every step of the way. Whether it's a sports injury, developmental issue, or any other bone-related concern, we are committed to ensuring your child's well-being and mobility.


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Our Comprehensive Orthopaedic Services

At our clinic, we provide a wide range of specialized orthopaedic care, individually tailored to address each child's unique needs, ensuring optimal well-being and a brighter, pain-free future.

Bone Cyst

Fluid-filled growth in bones, typically non-cancerous, may require treatment.


Bone dislocation is the displacement of connected bones at a joint.


Broken bones, vary in severity, need medical attention for healing.


Congenital Telipes equino varus Congenital foot deformity with inward-turning and downward-pointing foot.

Knock Knees

Genu Valgum
Common childhood condition with knees angled inward.

Bow Legs

Genu Varum
Bow-legged appearance in children, often a normal growth phase.

Bendy Brittle Bones

Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Rare genetic disorder causing fragile bones, multiple fractures; challenges life.

We offer stichless laser surgeries in certain conditions.
Autism intervention center, Little Hearts at the same place.


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Our Collaborative Endeavors with Respected Associations and Partners to Advance Pediatric Orthopaedic Care and Enhance Children's Lives.